Millenials versus GenX makeup

Posted by Marjorie Suchovsky on

Good morning all! I just recently went to my husbands work Christmas Party this past weekend and my daughter offered to do my makeup. I was hesitant at first because I know how many steps are involved, she is 18 and uses all the latest techniques. As far as I go, I only use the basic techniques which are usually pretty boring. (see featured image, that is way I usually look)

Anyway, I agreed to let her do my makeup. She brought all her tools into the room and started making me look awesome!!

I didn't realize that the way I did my makeup using just the applicator provided by the product was so awful. But it is!!! She used 5 different brushes, face setting spray, contouring powder, etc. 

All in all I looked great when she was done. I looked at myself in the mirror and reallized that the way she did my makeup looked so much better and made me look a lot younger. 

Maybe, going forward, I will start watching more of the tutorials so I can look like that again.

Have any of you thought you did your makeup fine, and then had someone else do your makeup for you?? I would like to know, message me on the site, tell us your story.

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